Commission I am working on for Han of the 12th Doctor as a “Doctor Mew”, it’s in what I call “digital concept” form right now. I chose a caracal for him because it seemed appropriate! I started shading the concept and went a but overboard on it but I felt like I sort of needed to so I could start seeing Capaldi’s face in there. He has so much definition!

Below are the digital concepts and finished pieces that he previously bought that I did last year. So in total he’ll have 10, 11, and 12! In the future I may be doing 9 and the War Doctor as cats as well.

Here’s some gifts and art trades I did recently for friends. Characters belong to their owners!

I keep forgetting to post art here. Here’s some recent stuff I did for some people on flightrising


A Fluffy Double Feature Art Giveaway!

Tundra is the most proud tundra to be able to announce new giveaway of art! This time we have two wonderful and talented artists offering their skills. They are Synchra and Papermonkey!

They have kindly agreed to do two bust portraits each! It will be amazing, trust us.

For a chance to have your tundra drawn by one of these lovely friends, please follow these steps:

  • Reblog with FR username and ID
  • In this reblog, include the tundra you’d like to have drawn
  • Possible bonus points if aforementioned tundra is accompanied by a line or two on what the tundra likes to do in the day-to-day
  • Likes do not count
  • Giveaway ends on Friday the 8th 23:59 FR time

We would like to take this time to point you in the direction of Synchra’s adorable Chibi Tundra Adoptables and Papermonkey’s comic Wurr.

Art giveaway! :D

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ive been asked a few times how i draw back-views, especially for character sheets so i wanted to share a little trick I learned a while back that’s really really helpful especially if you’re used to drawing things from the front and need help getting the proportions right from the back view.

You don’t ALWAYS have to do this the way that I do; The only reason I put effort into the front view is because this is going to be a character sheet and I need the front view to be fleshed out.

But alternatively; Just sketch out a sillhouette, then fill it in on a higher layer. 

Sorry if someones already done this before im just answering a frequently asked question ;w;

Oh hey this is really helpful thanks! :D



This is exactly how I do the back views on my character sheets.

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Two more beautiful pieces from synchra aka Noodle that I received recently!  A smarmy anthro Haku and a gorgeous rendering of his new dragon form!  His dragon design is still a heavy WIP but I adore all the little details Sync added and tweaked!  His pose is wonderful, too.  :D

Sync’s stuff really is something special!  It’s not every day I find an artist who can catch Haku’s personality this well!

Oh yeah, here’s some art I finished recently! Thanks jojotarokujo c:

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Colored sketch commission of a red panda character named Youzui!! :D

Another cheap sketch commission I did for Vincent on FR aka Chimaera of his character Haku. He wanted something in honor of the memory of his much loved gecko pet who passed away last year, Rose. I think his character and Rose match rather well together!


Finished dragon art for the art giveaway for Lateral-Thinker on here of their tundra ShephardsDelight! The bottom one is a transparent version for profiles/etc. Hope you like it! Thank you!!!

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Tivee soakin’ up the moonbeams.

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I drew a Tivee blob during rollover!

Would anyone want commissions of their dragons for gems like in in Flight Rising. Like 1050 gems a pop?

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Art for dragon trade with steampunklayhr of their character Zeon! This was supposed to be simple but that totally didn’t happen because this character was far too badass for simple. haha

Large version here:

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Indra for SherlyWats #43793!! AKA theoddhoarder

This is the first prize art from the giveaway by syncrising :D

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Moondrop cheap colored sketch commission for TraceAce! I went a little overboard on this. xD

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Another one of those cheap sketch commissions! This one is Caelum for Xenysia. :D

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